New Site, New Me

First blog post on new site. We have to get this party started somehow. Let's GO!!!


5/23/20231 min read

I am a middle-aged family man, who belongs to the lower middle class, or perhaps the upper lower class. Does it even matter anymore? I tend to spend a lot of time inside my head, and this site is my outlet to express myself. I understand that not everyone will appreciate my perspective, as sometimes, I too am at odds with my own thoughts. Nonetheless, I am grateful for you coming along with me on this journey. I am deeply appreciative of the people and things in my life. I am especially grateful to have remained sober for over five years now. I don't believe I deserve all the good things in my life, from sharing meals with my family to learning how to put together a website. But enough of the sappy stuff - let me tell you about my interests. I am a huge fan of the White Sox, and I love going to minor league games. I also love all forms of art, be it paintings, writing, music, movies, storytelling, or photography.