Digital Identity

The journey to finding my Digital Identity


9/6/20232 min read

During Uncut's Creator Bootcamp, I had the opportunity to showcase my Digital Identity through AI and traditional mediums of art. Working alongside some other exceptionally talented artists, it didn't just push us to showcase our best art, but to truly find who we are in this fast moving and constanly expanding & evolving digital world.

Embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery, I set out to unravel the mysteries of my true digital identity. Through introspection and exploration, I delved deep into the realms of the virtual world, seeking to understand the essence of who I am in this digital age. Like a modern-day explorer, I navigated through the vast landscapes of social media platforms, online communities, and digital interactions, peeling back layers of superficiality to uncover the core of my authenticity.

Along this transformative voyage, I unearthed hidden passions and talents, connected with like-minded individuals who resonated with my true self, and embraced the power of my unique digital presence. As I continue to evolve and shape my digital identity, I am empowered by the knowledge that my true essence can shine through the digital realms, leaving a meaningful and lasting impact on the interconnected web of humanity.

We pushed ourselves to our limit and we were graciously rewarded for our word and dedication by having our works on display at NFT Biarritz 2023. A truly incredible experience I will never forget and be eternally grateful for.
Below was my submission.

Digital Identity

With the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world increasingly intertwined, I found myself on a journey of self discovery that spanned both. My digital identity can't be confined to a single avatar or persona; it's a tapestry of roles, interactions, and aspirations. In the physical realm, I'm a family man, a husband and father. This guides my actions as I navigate Web3. I've realized that my digital identity is an extension of my real world self.

The Web3 universe revealed my digital identity as a reflection of values and dreams. Crafted avatars and shared content woven into who I am. Digital identities and names symbolized facets of me, yet the constant was my pursuit of positive impact, aiding others, and inspiring my children. In the evolving landscape of Web3, I found that my identity wasn't fixed; it was dynamic. As the world around me changed, I evolved. The art I created, the interactions I had, and the connections I formed, these were all expressions of my true self.

My journey to discover my digital identity became a journey to discover myself. I learned that who I am extends beyond pixels and screens. I am a father, a husband, a friend, a helper, and a creator. I am Dad; whether in the real world or the boundless expanse of Web3.

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